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Since 2010

Hi, I am Zeze.

I am a Turkish 21 years old college student.

I am highly interested in analytical psychology. Especially about cognitive functions. You can ask me about anything.

I am ILI-INTJ-8w7-873-sp/sx

I am pretty much a stereotypical INTP. Introverted, also anchorite. But currently, I am trying to develop my inferior extraverted sensing. Also, my other extraverted functions, because mines are pretty weak except my extraverted thinking. I scored 95% introverted intuition, 85% extraverted thinking.

If you know MBTI, Enneagram, or Socionics please send a message.


I also like to learn new languages.

My English is not the best grammatically but I can turn into a smack-talker. I have studied English in the States for almost one year. So, I experienced a lot of dialogues with native people. I graduated there as a c2 level student.

I am also interested in learning Chinese. I can establish simple dialogues in Chinese. By the way, my pronunciation is not that bad according to my Chinese friend Mei-Lien ^^.


I also like listening to foreign music. Especially K-Pop.

exo astrology | Tumblr

I don't really like boybands but Exo is special for me. Soo...

see u later boy uploaded by ✰ on We Heart It

How To Rp On Instagram☄️ | K-Pop Amino

Ranking my top5 title tracks from my favorite gg Quiz - By ...


I don't like spending so much time in here, lol. Still, cool site.

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21 yaşında Kadın İstanbul Türkiye
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Exo, Blackpink Pop-Rock the Accountant Hamburger
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Black Psychologist or Prosecutor Brooklyn-99 Psychology and Criminal Law

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